The mere idea of exercising wears me out. Is that possible or even logical? Don’t get me wrong – I’m all for being fit & healthy. I dream of 1 day having a tight, toned ‘bod’ just like I dream of someday being a model. My biggest pitfall though? I like food. A LOT.

My husband used to joke that when it comes to food, I could eat a small village. I’m envied for a “fast metabolism” but I’m well aware that with age, my eating habits will catch up to me. I dread it honestly. I dread it so much that I actually force myself to get into a routine of working out on/off (been on again since March 1st). Of course, that’s the main thing people act oblivious towards.

Yes, I can put away a lot of food. Yes, I eat a lot. But I’m not tiny because it’s how I am. I’m the size I am because I DO exercise.

Now, I will never be an active gym member (personally it’ll be a waste on finances making me feel like I HAVE TO work out because I’m paying, thus turning into a chore = Ick!) but I do exercise in the privacy of my home, on my own time, whenever I feel inspired, motivated, or completely out-of-shape. Trigger signals (listed below) prompts me to do a squat or onto the ground for a plank pose.

  • Watching the VS Fashion Show (wannabe model inspiration)
  • Face breaking out? (Perhaps had 1 too many cookies…)
  • In a foul mood &/or feeling overly sluggish? (Fat.)
  • Clothes tight or snug fitting? (Fat!)
  • Sometimes you just need a good sweat (you know, like a good cry?)

I work out because I’ve recently realized that diet & exercise go hand in hand.

Realistically, I know I’ll never be the kind of gal who’ll pass on something sweet or a certain type of food. I may never be a model (5’2” is a discouraging height) but getting in shape & feeling good is definitely important to me – boosts my mood & self-esteem (personal achievement). I’ll never calorie count (hate math & too much work) but I moderate myself & eat what I want when I want, even overindulging once in a while because treating myself is delightful.

I attempt to eat properly. According to my husband, I eat some “weird shit sometimes”. Recently, I’ve gotten into egg & cucumber sandwiches so yes, I have strange eating habits too but I try to make them healthy whenever I can as much as I can.

Exercising is boring. In order for me to work out, it has to be fun. I look up YouTube videos & try from Cardio HIIT routines to simple yoga. Sometimes I’m in an odd mood where I just turn up the radio & dance (jump around like a fat walrus) to 5 songs or so. Another reason I don’t need that gym membership is because I know my problem areas, what holds my attention (routine-wise), what I like (kickboxing) & dislike (Pilates) so I keep myself on point when dedicated & focused.

The takeaway point though is that whatever kind of body I have I achieve through working for it (whether that’s through sweating or stuffing my face). It’s neither easy nor a one-time or overnight transformation. I complain (mainly because I’m good at it) when I feel heavy, or feel I’ve been working out for a good span of time yet see no progress. I do the work though, as pointless as it sometimes feels, I do what it takes to (hopefully) go from flab to fab.


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