Flying has always been a wonderful experience for me; an escape high up in the sky, surrounded by clouds. The sunrises & sunsets are so extremely beautiful, an ethereal beauty. I’ve always felt safest traveling via airplane. No traffic, honking, or manic drivers with road rage. Heck, I even enjoy the food! But in light of recent events (EgyptAir & others) I’m feeling disappointed & (a little) uncomfortable with airway travel.

Of course, it’s not with the airlines or airports but the fact that people exist with such malice & hate in their minds to commit acts of terror. I find it disgusting that they’re sitting about plotting up new ways to get pass security & onto aircrafts to blow up said vessel containing innocent lives on-board. An enclosed metal box where people are vulnerable, secured by a seat belt & nothing more.

I’m also annoyed that when terroristic acts are confirmed (or attempted but thankfully busted), news channels feel the need to dissect it to the nationwide audience. Trust me, just like I’m sitting around with my family finding out why a soap bomb or whatever failed so are the people who are making them & planning such attacks. So is it really important then to get into great nitpicky details to EVERYONE? Or expose all our new & upcoming approaches to ensuring safety? I remember 1 particular instance a few years ago when full-body scanners were coming to airports. I don’t recall the channel but remember the reporters sitting around brainstorming ways that would make it be possible to sneak bombs through them without being detected. Was that really necessary?! I feel it’s an important conversation to be had amongst those who would be enacting it not a spotlight discussion to anyone who can tune in & listen.

This takes me into the annoyance of passengers & sometimes workers in airports. New technology is there for our safety, & if that means I’m required to take off a belt, stud earring or shoes, then so be it. There are enough notifications, since 9/11 especially, to be prepared to do those things so getting annoyed & temperamental with the TSA does no one any good. I would willingly (& patiently) spend extra time waiting for someone (or myself) to be checked or unbuckling a shoe strap instead of running through the checkpoints & having something devastating happen later because something was slipped passed security. Also, on that note, I think airport security officials should do their jobs attentively & seriously with each & every individual – heck, should probably start checking individuals even before they enter the airport, in general. I personally would not mind. I’d rather be safe than sorry.

I have always enjoyed airports & aircraft travel (I’ve toyed with the idea of becoming a flight attendant many times). All this madness occurring every few months upsets & angers me but will not stop me. I just feel we all need to be smart, alert of our surroundings (in an airport or not because that’s what times are resulting in) & continually working towards enhanced safety & protective measures because those with nasty intentions are constantly on top of finding different ways to strike terror in our minds & hearts. They attempt a tragedy to divide a nation & people, create hate so everyone is caught up pointing fingers because of race & religion & through that alienation they recruit the outcasts, spewing more hate.

We also shouldn’t be waiting until disaster strikes or leaked through a grapevine to heighten up our security & safety measures. We should be on point at all times. Because when something like EgyptAir Flight 804 (Bomb? Mechanical? Meteor?) or the Paris attacks or 9/11 occurs, we’re all on high alert for an amount of time until we get comfortable & relax … & that’s when we’re weak. It takes cooperation, open minds, acceptance to maintain a united front. We’re so caught up in division & hate is easy to create.


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