I imagine the perfect job is 1 where you wake up & look forward to another day of it. 1 where you don’t even realize you’re working but maybe having so much fun that getting paid is just an added bonus – do YOU have such a job?

I Don’t.

 In a world where you’re fresh out of school with a degree but lack the 3-50 years of “required experience”, I’m grateful to have a job. But that’s all it is – a job. 8 tortured hours of my life, 5 days a week, overworked & underpaid. Every quarterly meeting brings yet more duties but never the hope of a raise. Any mention of a raise is always addressed the same – “Oh, well for the umpteenth time in a row, we didn’t get anything from the state/budget…” etc. That’s guaranteed. Yup, every meeting brings about more (senseless) restrictions, no incentives & the monotone, “Thank you for all you do.”

I’m clearly annoyed, but still do the best I can. I’m not 1 who expects a promotion handed to me for showing up. Ask anyone – I’m a “model employee”.  Yet, model employee stated interest to upper administration about moving up, was promised (what turned into) empty words & got screwed over (2-3 times).

Yet, they “don’t want to lose me” because “I’m such a good employee. Never heard a complaint against me – only good things.” Yet, I’m treated like the bottom, nonexistent rung on the ladder (along with fellow coworkers) because the actual bottom rung is treated & paid better. Yet, I’m still here.

I’m even working under the company’s ideal role model employee. This supervisor has been with the corporation for 10+ years & is the laziest waste of oxygen I’ve ever worked with. No sense of professionalism or common discretion. Talks of teamwork but only participates when forced to. Openly sleeps & grunts through all those quarterly meetings, lies to your face & on paper to cover own self. Management refers to this manager as a “mentor” & “great leader”. & it’s through this exemplified individual that I’ve witnessed the benefits of brown-nosing & befriending the big ones in charge; it pays, literally & figuratively, to have them in your pockets.

Anyway, (of course) I’m looking elsewhere for jobs (but that’s another post/rant of its own). I find it hilariously sad that my husband & I both work full-time, above minimum wage jobs yet once bills are paid, next to or absolutely nothing remains. Yup, it’s a paycheck to paycheck life. Is this (or worst) the life of an average working person these days? Heck, we’re still in our 20s!

The future though is unknown. It is what we make it & all that blah. I hope we find jobs that we adore with the paychecks being the cherry on top. Matter of fact, since we spend 40hrs/week working, it’ll be nice to not dread the job. To not get nauseous & feel disgusted at the thought of it. It turns into a 2nd home & is technically an extension of ourselves so it’ll be nice to feel worthwhile at it & (maybe even) have it be worthwhile.

One thought on “Stagnation

  1. I am so sorry to hear this girl! That is so awful that you got screwed over!! That is so wrong! Keep your head up and continue being an amazing worker…someone will notice and it could open amazing new opportunities! I hope you find that career job soon!!


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