She Said No.
So by all means,
Wrestle her to the ground,
Pin her arms by her head,
Sink your hip into her.
So what if she’s crying & screaming:
“No!”, “Help!”, “Please, don’t…”
So what if she’s beyond terrified?
The look in her eyes speaks of her thrill
(That’s Right).
Her thrashing about,
Hitting & fighting’s got nothing on your strength.
She wants it; she just doesn’t know it yet.

She said No.
Yet she chose her short, low cut, form fitting dress
Her hair & face done up nice
Heels lengthening her long, gorgeous legs
Up into the skies.
It was all meant to catch your eyes,
Turn your head,
& draw your attention.
(What else could it be?)

Yet, she said No.
Ignored your catcalls & inviting words of:
“Hey, baby”, “sexy”, “mama”
Along with descriptions
Of what you could & would like to do to her.
(You’ll rock her world
That’s what you’ll do).
You follow her down the street,
You know you’re getting to her,
As she quickens her pace,
Hurrying away.

She said No.
Made you look like a fool
Telling you to “Fuck Off.”
“Leave me alone.”
When all you did was ask her to smile;
She’s got a pretty face.
Oh, what a mouth she’s got on her.
Clearly, again, trying to draw you in
With that mix of annoyance & anger
Plastered on her face.
You smile – she’s won.
Hooking you as she walks off.

She said No.
Clearly uninterested in your advances.
Hurting your pride & ego.
Who does she think she is?
It’s just a number.
How dare she refuse –
“Dumb cunt, stuck up bitch”.
Oh, she heard you? Good.
You will not be humiliated.

She said No.
Politely declining to give out her number
Yet you ask a 2nd & a 3rd time
Even sliding your phone over
Expecting her to change her mind.

It all started some days ago
With a handshake & hello.
Maybe even a smile.
Assisting you with your job,
“Thank you” & “Goodbye”.
Politeness & kindness.
(She was obviously interested then –
Why else would she hold the door open,
& wave goodbye?)

You entered the building & saw her,
You don’t know her name
If she’s taken or available
Nor her interests or age.
But she greets you with a smile.
And then, she said,


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