We spend most of our life waiting, in some way or form.
Examples include:

  • That ride to arrive
  • Getting to our destination
  • Standing in lines of some sort (pay a bill, use the restroom)
  • That work meeting to begin/end
  • To clock in/out
  • Water to boil
  • Paint (or nail polish) to dry
  • Text to send/arrive
  • Waiter to bring us our food (longest wait ever!)
  • Movie/TV show/book to come out
  • Energies in games to refill
  • Traffic light to turn green (or “walk”)
  • Another person’s approval/acknowledgement
  • Karma to kick in
  • “+” or “-” of that pregnancy test
  • Package to arrive in the mail
  • A miracle/cure/happiness/dreams to come true
  • Weekend (my favorite)
  • Adventure
  • Action.

Some of us are productive, choosing to fill those periods of wait with activities: reading, doing a crossword, writing, music, over-thinking, selfies, minding other people’s business, eating, sleeping, sightseeing, blinking, breathing.

In the end though, we’re always waiting. Losing valuable seconds, minutes, hours of our life that we’ll never get back. Yet, we’re the best at complaining to whoever listens that we never have the time because we’re oh-so-busy & just always on the go.
Laughable, don’t you think?

What do you find yourself waiting for or sick & tired of waiting for?


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