So first off, I’m sorry for the late post. Though I’m not sick, I’ve been feeling under the weather recently. Tired. Exhausted. Washed out. Drained.

I didn’t really have a topic in mind to write of but then figured I could just write a general post.

Right now, I’m missing the bridal party for the most sweetest, supportive young lady I’ve been blessed with having in my life for more years than I can recall this second. I’m sincerely sorry to her. My husband couldn’t get off from work, though he tried, & life’s circumstances have me very distracted, possibly even stressed. But I wish her the best, hope she’s having the best time ever right now that my absence isn’t even noticeable. She deserves it.

Thursday, I had a nice time at the 8th grade graduation ceremony of my 2 cousins. I don’t even think of them as cousins but like a younger brother & sister. I’m glad I was able to be present for them & even though I’m still freaked out at nights after watching “The Conjuring” with them, I enjoyed sharing time with them immensely. Thankful that my husband & Lucy was able to be part of their day too. It was a nice time in a while that I’ve experienced.

I could go on, but my mood just hasn’t been engaging all day. Thanks to everyone who’ll read this & the continued support in this writing journey. I am truly appreciative.



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