Feelings, I think, are universal. It’s the depth, intensity, action & reaction that varies from person to person.

Recent goings-on from  police brutality against (un)armed civilians to outrage & violence against police, terrorism, guns, America’s presidential race … a lot of feelings are being triggered in people ranging all over the emotion spectrum. I woke up Friday morning from a migraine/headache attack to feeds of chaos & found myself wondering if my family & friends were okay, & whether it was safe to even take golden girl Lucy outside. People who have kids were wondering what kind of world it is that their babies are growing up in/to. Others were thankful they don’t have kids because of all the turmoil we seem to be confronted with on an everyday basis. It seemed apocalyptic. I considered just going right back to sleep & redoing the whole waking up thing a few hours later to see what angle the world would be spinning from then.

Besides the horrors that are constantly in rotation on the news channels, there’s the daily individual struggles we’re all dealing with intimately. Finances, cost of living (groceries, gas, etc), housing, jobs, relationships, deaths … if it’s not one thing, it’s the other but there’s always something to stress us out. Body image, diet, exercise. No matter where one looks, there’s always a finger being pointed & someone getting offended.

I suppose after a while it becomes easy to go about our lives in such a world. The tragic things, as long as we’re not personally affected, becomes the norm & we keep on keeping on. After a while, you’re not even surprised anymore & that’s the ultimately tragic part of it all. Whether the passive mind-your-own-business route is taken or the let’s-do-something-about-this road is traveled, in the end it’s all about survival, or going up in glory & letting your name be known. But the world keeps on turning, facts get changed, forgotten, twisted, or sometimes completely erased.

It’s really about survival of the fittest & keep on keeping on. Lovely little words strung together to sum up life.

As for my part, I haven’t figured out my grand scale purpose of existing yet but right now, I’m curious about the new Pokemon GO that’s taking (a portion of) the world by storm. It’s a distraction & though it has its pros & cons in my opinion, it’s the least controversial bandwagon to get on in my books at the moment. Who doesn’t want to “be the very best, like no one ever was” Pokemon trainer?  Virtual reality at its best!



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