First off, my apologies for not writing last week. I had a topic in mind, drafted up a couple of drafts but did not end up publishing because I honestly didn’t feel it was my best work. Everything I’ve put up thus far has had my stamp of satisfaction & I would like to keep it that way. I went back to revise the drafts & due to other ongoing events found that my heart wasn’t into it. I just couldn’t put any of it up knowing it wasn’t my best.

Anyway, so originally I had another idea in mind but after just attempting to exercise after almost 2 months of barely doing a squat, this is developing.

Disappointing newsflash: I am so out of shape!!

I just tried doing a 30min cardio routine for the midsection area because well, the inside hooks on my pants are digging into my stomach due to the prominent roundness of it. Very uncomfortable. I know I haven’t done a full workout routine in a while, but figured I could get through a low intensity session. Well, I can’t. I was sweating & pooped out after 9mins! Not even 10 but 9! I took a break, lost a PVP Marvel game battle, & went back to the cardio routine. Managed to get in another 45sec & here I am writing this.

I can’t believe how fast I became so out of shape after a few consistent months of trying & working out. I was doing so good, I was on a daily basis of getting some sort of routine done. Those close to me noticed that I was looking better – healthier. & that’s when I crumpled. For a few compliments & had more cake & cookies & frosting straight from the container! I used to NEVER eat frosting unless it was on a piece of cake … & there I was, spooning it straight from the container & into my food-loving mouth. Shame.

It was all bound to catch up to me. I just didn’t expect it to be so rapid. Shame.


Yes, the “shame woman” from the recent Game of Thrones season is playing in my head. Ringing her bell at the roundness of my stomach area with her stern face & simply repeating, “Shame” at my current state of physique.

So much for dreams of modeling.

Pooey 😦


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