Why is it so darn hard to find a job these days? Is it just me? No, it’s not because I’m acquainted with close friends & coworkers who are actively seeking jobs & have been for a while to nothing but dead ends.

I’m frustrated, yes. Cost of living in every aspect of life keeps increasing but my paycheck has not. Bills, from rent to gas, keeps up with their prompt arrivals but my paycheck cannot.

Since this year has started, I’ve been committed to sending out resumes & doing online job applications, even crafting tedious cover letters & its all gone to either complete nothingness or automated rejection. When I do hear back, it’s in line with what I’m currently doing but less pay. Even 0.25ct less a start sadly makes a big difference on a bi-weekly paycheck.

I find it disgusting that jobs in the nonprofit sector piles up the duties & responsibilities on the workers but can’t ever deliver on promises of raises & growth. So much is expected of me in my current position but if I dare go over a 40hr work week by even a minute, everyone is breathing down my neck. Like heck, it doesn’t even equate a full extra dollar! Yet, management of the same nonprofit can drive BMWs, etc. What am I doing wrong?

Jobs, even entry-levels, want certifications (that no one truly cares about) or “experienced individuals” (3+ years of experience) or language requirements – wtf for?! At the end of the day, whenever someone starts a brand-new job someone of the company always shows them some basic ropes. Some kind of training is almost always provided. Hire anyone serious about the position & the slot will be filled by someone great & efficient once the basic training is down. Just invest in someone (who applied properly)! They took the time to fill out insanely long applications of repetitive questions, attach a resume & even a letter of interest sometimes. Why not just do even a phone interview?

It’s annoying that to obtain a job nowadays you need to know someone who knows someone, etc. to get a foot in the door. Job postings are a waste of time then because if random Tom, Dick, or Harry knows the right person (or knows someone who knows the right person), he has an IN whereas Jake, who has the degree & exact or similar experience just did the online app (you know, he followed the so-called proper routine of doing things in this test of life we’re all part of) & got filed away to who knows where.



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