Well, we have a new elected President of the US & the results seem to have shocked a lot of people.

I honestly don’t know what a Trump presidency means or will translate to at the end of 4 years but I kept telling myself, my husband & our golden: “We’ll be okay.” (I hope).

So some “facts” that (I feel) were obvious:

  • Trump earned his victory. He put in the work. He went out & campaigned. I wasn’t even aware of all he did & was surprised upon finding that out last night while watching. He didn’t just sit around & twiddle his thumbs on Twitter; he twiddled his thumbs & went out to get people behind him.
  • HRC got lazy. Maybe she was just overconfident that she was going up against an idiot or something. Who really knows? But if she had done things right, those flip states shouldn’t have happened. She was up against someone with absolutely NONE political experience vs. all of hers (direct & indirectly through her husband’s experience). She really should’ve performed better. This election shouldn’t have been so head-to-head.
    • She was legitimately TIED with a 3rd party candidate in a state (Utah, was it?) for a while then lost to that 3rd party candidate – how often does that happen?

Loads of people are tossing words around about sexism, racism. Perhaps sexism played a part in things – I’m aware of individuals who feel a woman cannot run a country because “women are too emotional” (personally, I’m biased being a woman & all but I don’t believe we’re all hormonal psychos. Oh well). There are also individuals who weren’t against a woman but just against this particular woman. There are scandals that she’s been a part of for years now but just continued to sweep under the rugs (hello – all we heard during the race were “emails” & “taxes”).

As for racism, & I’ve shared this much with my husband (the poor soul is distraught with the results though he was never a HRC supporter), I’m not sure it’s all about that. I guess I refuse to believe that my country is filled with so MUCH nastiness in the minds of individuals walking around. Instead, I’m telling myself that it’s more about the country being ready for a change. The majority of the people has elected someone into Office with ZERO political experience. Aren’t we all tired of false, broken, empty words of promises from those with political experience? So it’s not really far-fetched that people opted for someone out of the blue to see what the heck he ends up doing once in office (Do any of us remember Arnold Schwarzenegger becoming Governor of Cali? Um, he couldn’t even properly pronounce “California”).

I am curious about Trump’s presidency. A small bit of me is anxiously concerned with the possibility of being deported to who knows where but my husband was sweet & comforting (through his moody blues) to reassure me that I was born here so I’ll be okay & if push comes to shove, he’ll “fight with me” – Awwwwwwww!

Seriously though, I’m curious to see the direction he takes the country in. I’m curious to see what he does in regards to our relationship with the rest of the world (the stock market is suffering some major hits) as well as what he does for us as a country in the whole. I do agree with a lot of his ideas (like focusing on us as a country instead of tinkering everywhere in the world, etc.) I’m curious to see what he’ll make of the social services of our nation too as well as some other things.

Wall or no wall?



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